In Vitro Diagnostics

Customized technology for medical diagnosis

A reliable data basis is essential for a valid medical diagnosis. The collection and evaluation of this data is greatly facilitated by our laboratory equipment for in vitro diagnostics, because we develop specialized medical technology for your specific application.

Our in vitro diagnostic instruments analyze all kinds of samples from the human body and are characterized by their complex mode of operation. For example, for multiplex DNA quantification, DNA amplification (PCR) is combined with capillary electrophoresis (CE).

We take charge of the complete development processes of sophisticated diagnostic systems, including design and integration of all subsystems. With our expertise in product design and ergonomics, we follow the approach of usability engineering to ensure smooth practical operation: This means that from the initial stages of product development we take into account practical usability and design our solutions accordingly.

Our comprehensive service also includes product validation and approval, and subsequently we also organize the small-scale production of your product.

Get in touch with us now and we will develop customized technology for in vitro diagnostics for you.